Monday, September 12, 2011

Building a Mystery

"Building a Mystery": Alternative Research Writing and the Academic Act of Seeking
English 102
         Robert Davis and Mark Shadle are the authors of  "Building a Mystery": Alternative Research Writing and the Academic Act of Seeking; This article talks about the modernist research paper style and it advantages over the traditional research paper format. In the second page of their article they state “In this essay, we will present a series of alternatives to the modernist research paper: the argumentative research paper, the personal research paper, the research essay, and the multi genre/media / disciplinary / cultural research paper.” Davis and Shadle illustrate the strict standardization of the traditional paper only makes students less likely to think outside the box. In the traditional research paper students use a template to create thesis statements, body paragraphs and conclusion. In the other hand the modernist approach to research witch allows for more writer input and uniqueness. He even argues that the standard research paper is more of a vehicle of training rather than the creator of knowledge.  I strongly agree with the authors of this article. I feel like research is somewhat of a loss art that has lost its meaning and importance. When we are asked to do research we look for supporting evidence format it into a research paper and turn it in. The current format re strict scholars from adding their two sense when they provide evidence or when they tri to prove a point. This discourages personal thinking and problem solving; That is why I strongly agree whit the authors Robert Davis and mark shadle.

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